Entry #1

Seeking artist with a bold, colorful, and humorous style for new flash game

2010-11-17 02:26:03 by violatorgames

1 - A brief description of your project.
A full physics puzzle game with casual mainstream appeal. High quality art will be essential to it's success.

2 - What you're requiring.
Character, GUI, and background art/animations. The characters/objects are very simplistic so a clean, crisp, and bold style is absolutely necessary. Also someone who can infuse some humor into the art would be greatly appreciated!

3 - What kind of style you're looking for.
Colorful cartoony illustration/animation similar to what you'd see in a casual title.

4 - How much you're willing to split revenue, or offer for their efforts.
30-40% negotiable depending on quality of art and artists ability to reach deadlines.

5 - Method of contact. E-mail? PM? MSN? AIM? etc.?
Contact me here or on AIM s/n ViolatorGames

6 - Include a deadline! You should list the date when you stop accepting submissions!
The game is already well into development. Art is needed ASAP and I'd love to be able to get the majority of it implemented by the end of November.

7 - Always give credit to the artists in your Flash submissions, either by co-authoring them, or referring to them in your credits page.
You'll get full credits and if we work well together I will definitely want to continue working together in the future.

This game will be like nothing I've worked on thus far. It is a completely family friendly/casual title with mass appeal.


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2010-11-17 09:46:38

I could probably do something for you, i do tend to do quite cartoony arts.


2010-11-17 17:06:31

If u dont have an artist yet, im interested, just tell me something ud like to see and ill draw it so u can make a choice based on my quality rather than my grammar.

PM me or reply this i dont really mind but please especify if u preffer raster or vectorial.